Organic Seeds

The Wright Sprouts is proud to be able provide you with 100% certified organic seeds so you can grow your own delicious and nutritious sprouts at home.

We currently stock the following varieties and you can order them online today. (Postage & Packaging for seeds is just $9.80 up to 5kg)

Our certified organic seeds are also available from selected stockists.


Adzuki Beans


A sweet nutty flavour, the Chinese believe the Adzuki bean strengthens the heart and aids blood circulation & fatigue. They're packed with iron, calcium & thiamine.

Use in stir-fry, casseroles & salads.

Price: 200g - $7.50 plus p&p
          500g - $14.00 plus p&p


Lentil Beans


We stock the Blonde Green lentil. Mild nutty flavour. Superfood, high in iron, calcium, potassium & B vitamins.
Use in soups, salads, casseroles, curries, lasagne.

Price:   200g - $7.50 plus p&p
            500g - $14.00 plus p&p


Blue Peas


Tastes just like freshly picked pea from the pod.
High in Vitamin A, B, C & E. Calcium, Iron & Phosphorus.

Use in pesto, salads, casseroles & soups.

            200g - $6.50 plus p&p
            500g - $14.00 plus p&p


Baby Mung

babymungMost widely consumed sprout on the planet. Rich in Vitamin A, all B vitamins and C, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and Zinc.

Use in stir-fry, salads, omelettes, sandwiches, & wraps.

Price:   200g - $ 7.50 plus p&p
            500g - $14.00 plus p&p



adzukibeansResearchers in USA found the chemical sulfuraphane in broccoli sprouts is an effective anti cancer agent. Especially stomach cancers and ulcers. New research also suggests may relieve arthritis.
Acts as a natural inhibitor against inflammation.

Price: 100g - $17.50 plus p&p


alfalfaHigh in fibre, vitamin & minerals, and iron. Proven research concludes Alfalfa fibre pushes cholesterol out of arteries and dissolves it.

Use in sandwiches, wraps, garnishes & juicing.

Price:    100g - $7.50 plus p&p
            200g - $12.50 plus p&p


PC050110sun2A cost effective alternative to pine nuts. High in Vit B’s D, E and Protein, making them very powerful cholesterol lowering agents, a great little superfood. Easily digested, more than double the nutritional value. Contains vitamins A, B, C, E & D. High in Calcium, Iron,

Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus & Potassium. Protein 25%

Use as a snack or give crunch to salads

Price:    200g - $7.00 plus p&p
             500g - $14.00 plus p&p


Radish sprouts have more 29 times vitamin C than milk. And 4 times more Vitamin A. No wonder organic sprouts are referred to as a super food. Spicy crunchy sprouts mixed with alfalfa are great as an addition to a salad or sandwich.

Use in sandwiches, wraps, garnishes & juicing.

Price: 100g - $7.50 plus p&p


PC050122chic seedChickpea sprouts have nice buttery flavor. High fiber content helps lower cholesterol, prevent blood sugar levels rising quickly after meals.  Good for diabetes. Chickpeas are high in Iron vitamins Vit. C, E, B’s &  Zinc. Widely used in Middle Eastern food, hummus, Falafel, curries & casseroles

Price:     200g - $7.50 plus p&p
             500g - $14.00 plus p&p


Whero (Red) Pea's are a native New Zealand seed, grown in the South Island. . They have a nutty distinct flavour and are great in casseroles and stews. wheropeas

Just add the sprouts at the end stages of the cooking to add flavour and crunch.

Price:  200g -$7.50 plus p&p

           500g - $14.00 plus p&p








Note: The organic seeds we are selling you are the same as the one we sprout at Wright Sprouts. However no seed is ever guaranteed to sprout. If you are having problems please contact us to see if we can help.