Grow Your Own Sprouts

Kits and seedsSprouting your own seeds is easy and fun. Wright Sprouts has developed three "Grow Your Own" sprouting kits that are perfect for the kitchen bench. We have included a comprehensive sprouting and soaking guide and a wooden stand the aid in drainage.

The Wright Sprouts now stocks sprouting kits, lids and certified organic seeds and you can order it all online today or you can visit one of our stockists to make your purchase.

Browse our seed selection to see which ones you'd like to order.


Sprouting Kits

PB090079 stands

This kit is all you need to get started. It has everything including 1 x 50gm bag of seeds (excludes alfalfa or broccoli seeds.) there are several options to choose from The Wright Sprouts Large 1 Ltr Glass jar and small 450 ml  Glass Jar they all come with a sprouting lid with mesh insert.

Our Sprouting Kits now have a wooden stand inside to allow the kit to be tilted for good drainage and airflow to the sprouts. We have also added a comprehensive instructions and sprouting guide giving you all the soaking times, sprouting times for a large variety of seeds. 

We also have the Lids only and the new Starter Kit with 2 lids and 3 bags of seed, this option is for those people who all ready have their own Agee preserving jars. 


Small Glass Jar  - $21.00 plus from $8.10 p&p  
Large Glass Jar  - $26.90 plus from $8.10 p&p

Starter Kit  - $21.00 plus from $8.10 p&p

(contains 2 x sprouting lids and 3 x 100 gm assorted seeds excludes Alfalfa,Broccoli or Radish) you will need to have your own Agee or Maison Preserving Jars.

Sprouting Lids

P8160037 lid

 If you've got your own jar you can just buy our special white plastic ring lid with mesh. It fits AGEE and MAiSON preserving jars and is suitable for all Wright Sprouts seeds. Price: $7.50 plus from $8.10 p&p.

Postage and Packaging is from $8.10 up to 5kg so make the most of it and order your seeds as well as Kits today.





 The Wright Sprouts Loyalty Programme

The Wright Sprouts recognises loyal customers and on your first order you'll recieve a loyalty card. It'll be updated each time you order and every seven orders you're eligible for a FREE 100g bag of organic seeds (excludes alfalfa and broccoli seeds). Place your order today and start collecting stamps!