About Us

Wright Sprouts is a Organic Sprouting Company

We produce a Fresh Sprout Range as well as grow your own kits and seed range. 

Wright Sprouts is one brand along side GT Greens a hydroponic greens grower. 

We are a family owned and operated artisan organic food business in Hastings New Zealand.

We operate our business with an environmental consciousness & awareness of how & what we do may impact on our planet.  We make topnotch foods from nutrient dense quality organic plant based ingredients to produce the best quality end product.  We researched the benefits & pitfalls of the process that foods go through during production which impact on the end results. We make foods that are as close to natures original state as is possible in the production of Quick-Easy-Raw-Organic-Vegan foods you will enjoy & will enhance your Health.

Wright Sprouts a brand of organically grown sprouts, located in Hastings Hawke's Bay. In our purpose built Sprout House we grow 8 different varieties of fresh sprouts.

Wright Sprouts have been growing and selling organic bean and leafy sprouts since 2006.

The sprouts are grown from certified organic seed and the operation is Organic Farms NZ Certified (OFNZ).

The Mother Company Sanvalor Ltd is owned by Samuel & Nicky Nidelstein Walter, the brand Wright Sprouts operates under an independent annually audited FCP system.

We have full confidence in our product, because we have control over the process. We know our product is safe.  Every step from seed purchase to reaching the supermarket shelf is evaluated, monitored and controlled.

In keeping with our environmental beliefs, all sprouts are packaged in reusable self-sealed plastic bags. 

 why organic sprouts?

low-footprint, available year-round, sustainable

Sprouts are grown hydroponically, which refers to the method of germination growing virtually any seed without soil. During the germination process the latent nutrients are released and they increase in volume to produce the dynamic little sprout, which is full of energy.  


Mission Statement

Wright Sprouts is premier supplier of fresh organic sprouts. 

Our mission is to deliver reliable supply of quality fresh organic sprouts 365 days a year with zero impact on the planet and the environment.